Hoodoba® Pure Hoodia Diet Pills & Liquid Hoodia Extract

  • Suppress the Appetite & Inhibit Food Cravings to Lose Weight Fast
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Certified Fresh 100% Wild-Crafted South African Hoodia gordonii.
  • The Original Hoodia Brand — The First to Bring Pure Hoodia to the United States
  • No Recurring/Auto Renewal Charging Program

Highest Potency Hoodia — Completely Safe

As the first company to bring pure Hoodia gordonii into the United States back in 2003, Hoodoba® is able to offer consumers what no other brand can — Hoodoba®’s products are all made with 100% pure wild-crafted Hoodia gordonii and contain no fillers, additives or supplemental ingredients. As the original Hoodia brand, Hoodoba® holds an exclusive 20-year contract with South African’s foremost Hoodia supplier — other companies simply do not have access to the pure wild-crafted Hoodia gordonii included in all of Hoodoba®’s products. Because our products are all natural and completely pure, Hoodoba® is proud to display our CITES certifications as well as have our products tested for purity and potency by third-party testing lab Akemist Pharmaceuticals.

Not only are Hoodoba® Maximum Strength Liquid Hoodia Extract and Hoodoba® Pure Hoodia diet pills 100% safe and made with 100% real Hoodia, they are also made from the strongest wild-crafted Hoodia gordonii available. Unlike the cheap cultivated Hoodia suppplied by other brands, the wild-crated Hoodia gordonii that Hoodoba® uses is has been in the ground for decades to mature to full potency and maximum strength. This means that it is both more potent and more effective than any other "Hoodia" avaialable. Plus, Hoodoba® includes more Hoodia in its products than any other brand — Maximum Strength Liquid Hoodia is made with 500mg while Hoodoba® Pure Hoodia diet pills includes 750mg per pill!

Hoodoba® Maximum Strength Liquid Hoodia Extract

With Hoodoba® Liquid Hoodia, a few drops are all you need to suppress your appetite and transform your body faster than any other Hoodia extract can! Hoodoba® Maximum Strength Hoodia is absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) and is assimilated directly into the blood stream — this fast absorption means that it works within minutes! This is espeically important for those who fall victim to the compulsive eating and food cravings that sabotage even the best weight loss programs.

Hooboba® Pure Hoodia Diet Pills

Hoodoba® Pure was the first pure Hoodia product brought into the United States and has since become the most sought after appetite suppressant in the industry. Made with 750mg of pure Hoodia gordonii, Hoodoba® Pure Hoodia diet pills have no side-effects and are completely safe.

   "HOODOBA® Hoodia gordonii is now my top recommended
   source for Hoodia."

    — Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com

Why Hoodia Works

The naturally occuring phytochemical constituents in Hoodoba® Maximum Strength Liquid Hoodia Extract and Hooboba® Pure Hoodia diet pills work in concert with one another to suppress the appetite and facilitate safe and effective weight loss. These compounds include the renowned P-57 molecule that scientists have determined is 100,000 times more powerful than glucose. When absorbed by the hypothalamus, the brain reacts by stunting the appetite, causing you feel full — The hypothalamus is in effect deceived into thinking you are no longer hungry causing you to lose the desire to eat.

The Hoodoba® Difference — Exclusivity!

Because of our exclusive contract with the world’s leading Hoodia gordonii exporter, Hoodoba® can offer you what no other Hoodia brand can. We include 500mg of wild-crafted Hoodia gordonii in every serving of our extract and 750mg in every Hoodia diet pill to ensure your appetite suppression is fast and long-lasting! Hoodoba® gives you the freshest, most-effective Hoodia products possible…period!

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What makes Hoodoba®
better than other brands?

  •  100% Pure Wild-Crafted Hoodia gordonii

  •  20-Year Exclusive Supply Contract

  •  Lab Tested for Purity and Potency

  •  Documentation to Prove Our Hoodia is Real

  •  No Added Ingredients

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